5 Tips to Choose the 2D Animation Companies in Bangalore

Feb 1, 2024

What is 2D animation?

Before the tips for choosing the best 2D animation company in Bangalore, let us first understand 2D animation. 2D animation involves creating movement in a two-dimensional artistic space, primarily using illustrations and characters on flat planes. Even in the era of 3D animation and live-action movies, 2D animation continues to be a popular choice for businesses. 2D animation is generally utilised for advertisements, educational videos, and entertainment purposes.

Here are the 5 things to look for when choosing 2D animation companies in Bangalore.

Technical and creative expertise

When selecting a 2D animation company, it is important to look for their technical abilities along with their creative abilities. To make sure the video looks compatible with your needs, you need to probe into different tools, techniques, and video editing skills. So, it is highly important to look at the type of technology and software they are using. Ensure from the organization’s social media pages that they have a skilled workforce who can bring your ideas to life. 

Analysis of the Demo Reel

The next step should be checking portfolios. Do a check on the company’s previous works, clients they have worked with, and most importantly, if they can meet your requirements. A demo reel would provide a good glimpse into the company's previous work and even shorten the process of the lengthy portfolio check. Right from their video editing services and animation capabilities, a well-made demo reel can depict a lot about that company. Carefully analyse their demo reel to evaluate the quality of animation, storytelling process, voiceover, soundtrack placement, and overall production value. This step allows you to gauge how closely company’s outputs would satisfy your business needs.

Communication and Collaboration

The 3Cs (clarity, conciseness, and consistency) of communication are necessary for effective communication and collaboration on a project. Choose a company that values client input and is willing to work according to their client's needs and ideas. An open conversation between the client and the company can yield the anticipated results. Many times, results are not as anticipated by the client but rather something very different from the client's ideas. In such cases, many companies deny doing alterations or offer just 2–3 alterations. Collaboration ensures that your vision is understood and implemented accurately, resulting in a final product just as you aspired!

Willingness to Facilitate Edits and Client Feedback

An essential step before finalising a deal with a company is to check for ex-client feedback. This can be done by checking their web presence, ratings, and reviews from their clients. Also, their responses to them. No art is commercially accurate, if not done with feedback looping. Flexibility in accommodating edits and client feedback is the same in 2D animation. Getting an animated video done is a multi-step project. So, you should make sure the company is ready to make any required revisions at the end of the results, if necessary. Their receptive approach to your feedback will ensure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision and objectives.

Budget Consideration and Transparency

Budget understanding is the backbone of an informed “2D animation companies in Bangalore” search. Your reach-out team should be clear of your budget and they should seek pricing structure from each of the organisation they are in talks with. Transparency is a two-way window through which both the parties involved in the project can negotiate the sudden surprises in the project. Documenting your budget into project chunks and then tallying it with animation companies’ pricing structure can be the final nail of your decision.


Opting for an appropriate 2D animation company in Bangalore is a crucial first step in ensuring the success of your organisation’s marketing efforts. Always remember “just the price” approach is not good for your business. So it is important to consider every aspect mentioned above in detail. Note that the right partner will not only bring your ideas to life but also enhance the overall impact of your 2D animation project.

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