Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a lot of questions before onboarding us. let’s see if we can address them.
Why choose Filmbaker?

Filmbaker is a one-stop video production company in bangalore for all your creative needs. You can choose from a wide genre of films - Digital Film, Corporate Film, Animation, Motion Graphics, Case Studies, Event videos - and our in-house experts deliver as per your needs and budgets. We guide you on your video journey from conceptualization to final delivery. We can help you choose the right visual route to tell right story to the right audience.

What are the benefits of getting a corporate video made?

Corporate videos are a great way to increase brand awareness or create brand differentiation. Corporate videos sums the who, what, why, how of your organization for your potential clients and employees. They also help transform you into a thought-leader.

How does an animation video help your company?

Animation videos are a great way to promote or explain a product or service. An animation video done the right way is catchy, fun to watch and attracts hard-to-impress audiences. Animation videos let you be creative - since there are no limitations unlike a live-action video. Animation videos traditionally have had a higher viewership rate - that’s great for your brand!

How much does it cost to make an animated video?

It’s like making a customized cake. Unless we know the ingredients and style needed to create an animation video, a cost cannot be defined. Reach out to us to discuss pricing vis-a-vis and we can figure out the best way to make your customized video

How much does it cost to make a corporate video?

A lot of factors go into production of corporate videos. For example - the number of days of shoot, number of people to interview, number of locations to travel etc. Reach out to us to understand the pricing of our previous projects and we can figure out the best way to make your customized video

How much does it cost to cover events?

A lot of factors go into production of an event video. For example - the number of days of shoot, the crew size, the kind of pos-production services required, number of locations etc. Reach out to us to understand the pricing of our previous projects and we can figure out the best way to make your customized video

Do you offer video editing services?

Yes, we do offer video editing services. The services are across formats and categories like compositing (creating a base draft of the video), color grading, music and SFX, 2D animation, motion graphics and a lot more. Kindly go through our offerings here

What are the different categories of videos offered?

Digital Films, Motion Graphics Videos, Corporate Video Production, Event Aftermovies, Animation Videos, Typography Videos, Testimonial Videos, Explainer video service and Event Intro Videos

What happens after the brief?

After the brief is shared with us, you will be connected to a single point of contact from our creative team who will be aligned with you throughout the project. Post the brief the immediate next steps would be a few mutual discussions to align on the brief, following which we get into the creative pitch process.

Which Industries do we work with?

Content is one of the most important cores of any industry and we have had the privilege to work across most of the industries that exist.

What can be done under 2D animation videos?

2D animation is a space that can address a number of different topics and be used in a variety of areas. It can be used to create corporate presentations, marketing videos, educational content and can be incorporated in a number of other videos.

Do you offer photography services as well?

Yes! We handle and execute the entire photography/videography space. Events of all sizes are also covered by our well versed team.

How to choose the right video production company?

You can check the portfolio of the video production company to see if they are a right fit for your brand and product. Furthermore, you can ask if they have experience working with organisations with your niche to gauge their expertise.

What is the difference between film and production companies?

A film company focuses on making videos. A production company liaisons with various project stakeholders and ensures the project's smooth functioning.

What are the responsibilities of a production company?

A production house handles everything from talent acquisition, scheduling, video production, post-production, distribution and everything in between.

What is the most important thing in video production?

There are many important things in video production; the two most important things in video production are the process of conceptualisation and post-production.

What does a video production company do?

A video production company takes up a business or communication challenge and finds unique and interesting audio-visual solutions that align with the client's expectations and industry standards.

How does the video production process work?

The Process is 4 fold. 1) Creative Pitch - The ideation stage, where multiple routes to solve a brief/problem statement are discussed and presented. 2) Pre-Production - The pre-execution stage where scripting, storyboarding, shoot recce, onboarding necessary talent happen. A comprehensive PPM (Pre-production meet) document is created to align all stakeholders involved in the process. 3) Production - The execution stage. Where all the planning, ideas and conversations are put to action. 4) Post Production - The editing stage. This is where the whole process culminates. Begins with compositing of the video followed by designs and color grading. In case of an animation video the production and post production terms are used interchangeably. The other steps remain the same.

Do we cover outdoor shoots in PAN India?

Yes absolutely! Not just India we handle shoots that go beyond Indian boundaries as well.

What information would your company require from us for the video process?

A great product begins with a great brief. We share a comprehensive questionnaire with you so that we understand your brand and problem statement better.

Timeline for the video services you offer?

This is one of the second most important questions we come across after cost. We try our best to deliver on the timelines that you have in mind but are absolutely honest upfront if they aren’t feasible. Every video has its own journey and style in which they get crafted and differ on timelines too. This is an honest conversation that you will have with us before we begin work

How long does it take to make a video?

The duration from shoot till execution varies based on the size of the project. Our team will look into the most achievable direction to get your film delivered to you as quickly as possible while not compromising on quality and content.

Career opportunities in Filmbaker?

We always are on the hunt for the best talent to join our ever growing team that consists of a variety of professionals.

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