9 Unforgettable About Us videos for leading brands!

Apr 17, 2024


About Us” is probably the most visited window of a website and rightly so because a visitor/client wants to know the basics of the company before collaborating. Making your “About Us” page appealing is crucial which might make you think about how to make it unique. Get on board with video content featuring every detail about the brand’s history and story. Not only is it easy to understand, but it is appealing, engaging, and has an emotional connection that captivates clients. 

Corporate are designed to provide a communication window between the brand and the client. However, the corporate world that lacks marketing intellect often faces challenges with creating high-quality content that is directed towards the right target audience and builds a strong brand image. At Filmbaker, the team is highly experienced and skilled in creating engaging corporate About Us videos.

The 3 Pillars of Unforgettable "About Us" Videos:

1. Storytelling Captures Hearts: Storytelling is meant to present a satisfying solution for clients/visitors on the website as it has an emotional connection that carefully guides the viewer through various aspects of the brand. It has the power to guide the viewer’s brain in the direction it wants to. 

2. Visual Storytelling Engages Minds: An effective story engages the viewer’s mind and leaves a lasting impact. Readable content has its charm but visual storytelling creates a passive experience for the viewer. 

3. Sound Design Sets the Mood: A video features multiple elements with each having a. Sound design is the key factor in raising powerful impacts on the brain that brings reactions amongst viewers. Making video highly interactive is driven majorly by its sound design. 


Here’s a list of various aspects that will draw you to create one great About Us video - 

1. IT HAS AN EMOTIONAL CORE- Each time a video is played it ignites multiple senses in the viewer’s mind. Nostalgia, amazement, and excitement kick right in to build an emotional connection with the client that is peculiar to video forms of content. 

2. IT HUMANISES YOUR BRAND (LITERALLY)- Building a trustworthy and loyal image of your brand is crucial.  are the easiest way to achieve the goal. The impossibility of Face-to-face interaction has given rise to the importance of About Us video content to humanize your brand.  

3. IT EXPLAINS WHY YOUR BUSINESS EXISTS- Your clients will engage more when they understand the whys and hows of your brand. They deserve to know the story behind your brand and everything that you have to offer. 

4. IT BUILDS TRUST- Building trust is crucial irrespective of the service you offer. About Us videos are engaging and they give a face to your brand that clients can rely on and trust. 

5. IT GIVES A GLIMPSE BEHIND THE SCENES- If you want to build a relationship with your client that goes beyond a single deal then this is the way to go as it showcases the effort that goes into building your brand and service. 


1. DROPBOX - A quirky and impactful example of About Us video. Here, you can see how animated faces are shown to showcase the team’s personality that goes beyond their human faces. The sound and editing are all coming together to grasp the viewer's attention.

2. HUBSPOT - A corporate About Us video that stays true to its principles and what it wants to deliver. Their video features the brand’s history, story, and working through video diaries of the team giving a way inside the office for viewers. 

3. FOUNDERS BREWING CO. - If you want the viewer to know what makes your brand stand apart then their About Us video is worth taking an example from. They have carefully and creatively captured the essence of the company, their struggles, and what kept them going.

4. ZENDESK - ZENDESK took a rather light and humorous approach with their video, making it even more appealing especially for the young mind. Faces in the video are real and is their story and personality that shines throughout.

5. BAMBOOHR\- BAMBOOHR\ has perfectly designed a wholesome video that is far from a boring About Us video. They show BTS and the company’s life beyond 9-5. Blending work and relaxed free time make their video relatable and the team approachable.

6. ATLASSIAN - “We are what we are” is the principle that becomes evident right from the first snippet of their video. They have strong principles that they are proud of with a bold and impactful team that never shuts away from getting the work done. 


Building a likable and relatable image for your client is important to gain long-term relationships. The more your content and brand are humanized the more appeal it has. About Us corporate videos are swords of marketing that you should use wisely and thoroughly. 

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