Emotional Videos: A Powerful Tool to Generate Leads for your Business

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Oct 11, 2023

Think about the last time you purchased something. Was the purchase necessary or was it driven by something other than need? A Harvard Professor says that 95% of purchase decisions are subconscious and driven by emotion.

Customers who connect with your brand through emotion are more likely to make purchases. 

Now, we know that the audience responds better to video than text. And we also know now that major purchase decisions are based on emotions. So why not combine these two and get the best of both worlds?

Video + Emotions = Lead Generation

Why do Emotions Appeal to the Audience?

Emotions appeal to the audience because they are relatable and can evoke a strong response. They can make a story or message more personal and meaningful, and can also create a deeper connection between the audience and the brand. 

Emotions such as joy, sadness, fear, and anger can elicit strong feelings in the audience and create a deeper connection to the story or characters that your brand represents.

Emotions can also add depth and complexity to a character or story, making them more interesting and compelling.

Additionally, emotional content can also be more memorable and create a long-lasting impact on the audience. An emotional connection makes the audience receptive to the brand’s messages. 

How to Use Videos for Lead Generation 

Videos can impact the audience better because they offer a more immersive and engaging experience than text or images alone. 

Videos help to convey the emotions of the characters and enable the audience to see the characters and hear their emotions. This can create a deeper connection with the audience, making them more invested in the story.

They can also be more effective at communicating emotions, as the combination of audio, visuals, and movement in a video can create a more powerful emotional response in the audience. 

Find the right emotion

Finding the right emotion to convey is very important. The emotion should resonate with your brand image and brand message.

The right emotion for a tire company would be strong, fierce, and courageous. It resonates with the brand image of toughness and longevity. For an FMCG food brand, the right emotion would be love and care as their main focus is on health and hygiene.

If you are unsure about what emotion your audience will relate to, you can hire corporate filmmakers who would understand your brand, help you with the emotion and make the video for you.

Find the right platform

Finding the right platform is as important as finding the right emotion. You don’t want to post videos on LinkedIn when your audience is on Instagram. If your goal is to generate leads through videos, finding the right platform is crucial.

Find the right style

There are different styles of video that you need to choose from that fit best with the emotion you want to convey. You have to think whether animated videos will suit the emotion or does it have to be a live video.

Do you need to hire professional content creation companies or can you do it yourself? Once you have answered these questions, you can start with the message that you want to portray.

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A few Emotions you can Tap into to Generate Leads


One of the best ways to market your brand is by making your audience win. If you sell sugar-free products talk about the side effects of diabetes. If you are into fitness gear, show an overweight person and their day-to-day struggle. Show how at the end of the day, the use of your products can make them win!

Taking the pain point of the customer and helping them get over it will surely help your audience connect with your product and would positively generate a lead.


No one likes to be left out. There are different people in different communities. If you can sell inclusivity through your products, it would give your audience a sense of belonging and would give them the nudge that they need to make the purchase.

Healthcare animation videos are a great way to portray the belongingness of old age people in our homes and not at old age homes. Healthcare animation videos go a long way, as they do not involve old people yet deliver the message successfully.

Similarly, videos that showcase that parents are a big part of their children’s life, also generate a sense of belongingness. 


Trust is another emotion many people would relate to. You can utilize customer testimonial videos to generate trust in your audience which in turn generates a lead for you.

Customer testimonial provides the brand credibility and a reason for the buyer to make a much more informed decision. Most corporate filmmakers would help you out with customer testimonial videos.


Social Issues such as hunger and poverty, or global issues such as climate change can trigger a sense of empathy and compassion in people. 

For example, show your audience that you have a 100% plastic-free production line and contribute towards the environment. 

Healthcare animation videos can also generate empathy in the audience.


People are more easily influenced by things that make them feel guilty. Your videos can help them become self-aware of the lifestyle they are choosing.

An emotional appeal that evokes feelings of guilt could be one of the most effective ways to generate leads and boost your efforts.

A little bit of humor along with the message can go a long way!

Stay true to your brand

When you have a good understanding of your audience and know which emotions to use, you should use that knowledge to start generating leads. 

Corporate filmmakers help engage your audience through storytelling. People enjoy hearing stories with lovable characters, exciting plotlines, or relatable themes. Content creation companies can help you find the emotion your audience will best relate to.

Whether you're writing a blog or making a video, telling a story that gets people excited or makes them empathize with the story can help bring your brand to life.

Never compromise your authenticity when it comes to presenting yourself in front of your audience. Stay true to your brand and you’ll automatically attract the right audience. 

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