Motion Graphics and Typography: Top 10 Video Trends for 2024

Jan 16, 2024

Are you tired of creating the same old videos that fail to capture your audience's attention? Do you want to create visually stunning and engaging videos that stand out? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we'll explore the top 10 video trends for 2024 in motion graphics and typography.

By incorporating these trends into your video content, you can create videos that are not only visually appealing but also highly effective in delivering your message to your target audience.

Before we jump right into the trend make sure you understand How to Use Motion Graphics to Bring Your Brand to Life

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Why is Motion Graphic Trending?

  • Motion graphics are highly engaging and effective in conveying messages to audiences.
  • They are versatile and can be used across various platforms such as social media, websites, and advertising campaigns.
  • The use of animation and 3D elements in motion graphics has allowed for the creation of hyper-realistic visuals, further increasing their appeal to audiences.

According to a survey, 93% of brands got a new customer because of a video on social media. With an increase in video consumption, and decreasing human attention spans, motion graphics can be an effective way to gain new customers.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Trends in 2024

1. Mixing 2D and 3D Motion Graphics

Mixing 2D and 3D elements in motion graphics involves combining the characteristics of both animations in a single video. The resulting visual contrast creates a unique and intriguing animation that captivates the viewer's attention and encourages them to watch the video until the end.

This can increase engagement and conversions, especially when combined with a persuasive message or call to action.

2. Kinetic Typography 

Have you ever seen text come to life on your screen? That's what kinetic typography is all about! It's a fancy way of saying "moving text," and it's an amazing way to convey concepts through video.

In marketing, kinetic typography is often used in commercials where you want to emphasize certain parts of your message. Our Brand Film for Game Theory (2021) is a great example. 

Recognized by Design Rush, this brand film uses motion graphic typography to highlight the important message of the brand, which in turn adds visual interest, and makes sure your audience doesn't miss the most important parts of the brand film.

And it's not just a passing trend - kinetic typography has been a favorite of brands for a while now, and it's not going away anytime soon.

3. Thin lines 

Thin-line animation is an emerging aesthetic trend that has gained popularity in recent years. This style is characterized by rounder shapes, thinner lines, and appendages that resemble noodles.

In video animation, lines serve various functions such as giving direction, defining shapes, and setting the mood. With thin-line animation, artists use super-thin yet extra-distinctive lines to create animations that look like real hand-drawn pictures. This unique style adds a distinct flair to videos and has become a popular trend in 2024.

Many businesses have already leveraged the power of thin-line animation in their promotional and explainer videos to stand out from the competition. By using this style, businesses can create a visually appealing and engaging video that captures the attention of their target audience. As this trend continues to gain momentum, we can expect to see more creative applications of thin-line animation in the future.

4. Anti-gravity and Floating 

The anti-gravity and floating effect is a visually captivating technique that involves using 3D objects floating in a three-dimensional space without a defined pattern. This creates the illusion of objects being in a zero-gravity environment, providing an immersive and modern visual experience that has become increasingly popular in recent times.

This technique can be used to add a sense of depth and dimensionality to the video while also creating an otherworldly and futuristic atmosphere. It is a unique and visually compelling effect that can captivate the audience's attention and leave a lasting impression.

The anti-gravity and floating effect can be used to showcase products in a visually dynamic and engaging way. This technique can be particularly effective for products that are intricate or have a lot of small parts that need to be highlighted.

5. Stop Motion 

This animation is a traditional technique of creating videos by taking continuous photos of real objects in a studio. However, it can be tedious and expensive. Fortunately, motion graphics offer a solution to this problem.

Using advanced animation techniques, stop-motion effects can be created with 3D objects by readjusting their movement frame by frame. This technique is both cost-effective and time-saving, making it a popular choice for brands interested in creating stop-motion effects for their marketing campaigns.

As more brands adopt this technique, we can expect to see an increase in the use of stop-motion effects in marketing videos.

6. Animated Logos 

Animated logos have become an essential part of brand identity design, helping businesses create a dynamic and unforgettable online presence. By using motion graphic animation, businesses can transform static typography and icons into lively and engaging visual elements. 

Animated logos, with their unexpected movements and twists, not only grab the viewer's attention but also convey the brand's tendency to innovate and deliver unique experiences to its customers. They are intended to speak the personality of the brand.

Slack's animated logo is a perfect example of how to create a unique and memorable brand identity. Slack is all about fun interaction between the teammates and the logo depicts the same. The animation features a colorful set of lines and dots that come together to form the Slack logo.

7. Vibrant Nostalgia

The animation industry has seen a drastic shift towards retro designs, which can sometimes leave audiences feeling nostalgic for the good old days. To address this, the trend of "vibrant nostalgia" has emerged in motion graphics, combining old-school elements like vintage newspaper and magazine designs with modern animation techniques.


This approach gives the animation a refreshing and nostalgic vibe, making it a highly successful trend in 2022 that is expected to continue into 2023.

8. Hyperrealistic 3D

As computer-generated imagery technology continues to advance, hyper-realistic 3D animation has become more and more popular. This kind of animation is not only visually stunning, but it also allows for the creation of detailed architectural imagery of structures.

Just imagine how impressive it would be to have the 3D models and alphabets used in traditional motion graphic animation look like they are from a high-quality movie. This is what hyperrealism is all about. Although it may be more expensive than traditional animation, the investment is worth it because it adds a sophisticated touch to your branding. A video created with hyperrealism looks impressive and feels high-end.

9. Minimal Design

In recent times, many companies have shifted from vibrant and complex designs to minimalist ones for their logos. This trend has now been extended to videomaking, where a minimalist color scheme has become increasingly popular. 

By using simple colors and design elements, videos create a feeling of serenity, calmness, and purity in the viewers. This not only keeps them engaged but also helps in conveying the message effectively. Additionally, in a world full of flashy thumbnails and loud colors, minimalist videos stand out, making them great for click generation.

10. Morphing

People earlier relied on simple cuts, which eventually deep-dived into transitions and logos appealing better to the audience. The Morphing trend involves seamlessly blending animations together to create a smooth and transportive effect. This technique is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways to captivate audiences. 

One way to use morphing as a brand intro is to showcase different elements of a brand's identity, such as its logo, colors, and key messaging. These elements can be morphed together to create a dynamic and visually compelling intro that showcases the brand's personality and values.

The Role of AI in Motion Graphics? Will AI replace Motion Graphic Artists?

AI is a valuable tool for creating animations, acting as a rocket booster that propels the industry forward. However, it is important to remember that even with AI, animation will always require the vision and expertise of artists and strategists to guide the storytelling process.

Images may be low quality, grainy, or missing details, especially when rendered at higher resolutions. AI also lacks the precision necessary for artists to revise images to create a finished piece. In fact, the most impressive results from AI are those that artists use as a starting point and then enhance with their own artistic touch.

The Takeaway

  • Motion Graphic Animation has emerged as an essential component of modern web design.
  • They have become an effective tool for capturing the attention of an audience and are widely used in advertising.
  • Motion graphics have become a popular tool for marketers to convey ideas through "explainer videos". Among the various types of videos utilized for marketing purposes, presentations are the most common (at 65%), followed by ads (at 57%), and explainers (at 47%).
  • Industries like Healthcare, Education, and Marketing benefit the most from Motion Graphics.
  • While some AI video creation tools offer basic video editing features, if you require more advanced video editing capabilities, it's advisable to explore other video editing software options or hire a video production agency.
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