Why Video Production is Vital for Business in 2022?

Oct 11, 2023

The acceleration of digital transformation in the backdrop of the pandemic resulted in increasing the time we spent staring at screens, and video consumption is predicted to make up for about 82% of the total global internet traffic by the end of 2022.

The facts presented above are sufficient to make our case for the rise of video as the go-to tool for companies, brands, and organizations to steal the audience's attention and stand out from their competitors.

What is it about videos that we humans can never get enough of? Why can't we stop binge-watching our favourite TV series at 4 am, knowing that we have to show up at the office in a few hours? 

Is the rise in video consumption a mere coincidence? Or there exists a deep-rooted connection between humans and videos? Let's embark on this journey to find out what makes videos so addictive and dive deeper into the world of visual storytelling. 


The saga of videos began with motion pictures. The earliest videos were mere drawings arranged in a sequence to give the illusion of movement. The world's first-ever video, or if we may, the oldest available video, is the Roundhay Garden Scene. A short 2-second clip that's closest to GIFs we know of today. 

The Science of Videos 

Human brains are hardwired to get drawn toward stories. The earliest evidence of stories comes from cave paintings in Lascaux and Chavaux, France. The stone drawings consisted of humans, objects, and animals, and a few of the drawings depicted a sequence of visuals, believed to be the earliest known forms of stories. 

Egyptian Symbols
Source: (Lady Escabia/Pexels)

The primary factor behind the popularity of videos in marketing and advertising is the ability of videos to form an emotional connection with the viewer using narratives. Companies use videos to provide customers with solutions to their problems.

Today, stories are narrated in various ways, and with advancements in digital technology, videos have revolutionized the way humans communicate and share stories. One reason why stories are so particularly fascinating to the human race is because of the existence of fundamental concepts that have been present in various civilizations and cultures throughout the history of mankind. 

These concepts or, more precisely, patterns appeal to the human's innate desire to solve problems, and stories grip the human mind into a journey. A process wherein the neurons in our brain release oxytocin, or the feel-good hormone and thereby, we get hooked onto stories and enter a binge-watching frenzy.  

The World Of Advertising 

"Ruthless, Challenging, Profit Making"

These 3 words sum up the world of advertising. Advertising is an immensely lucrative industry that is valued at 564 billion Indian rupees in 2020 and is expected to reach up to 700 billion rupees in 2022

Video is increasingly becoming the go-to option for businesses to showcase their brand and products because of videos' high audience retention characteristics. This quality can ultimately be associated with the human brain's natural attraction towards storytelling.

Videos allow companies to take advantage of this fact and use videos to tell the audience their brand story, increase brand awareness, and showcase their products. 

Another key element of a successful advertisement is to help the customer paint a happy picture of them. One really good example of this would be Apple. 

In this advertisement by Apple, the audience is a part of a journey where the protagonist tackles several challenging obstacles and overcomes them. The audience can imagine themselves in similar situations every day and empathize with the protagonist. 

However, Apple very smartly propagates the vision of how the protagonist's life is made easier by their product, i.e., the iPhone 13. 

Future of Videos

As per Google, 58% of people surveyed used videos to learn new skills and gain knowledge. Audiences in the future will sway towards brands that will offer them relatable content. Videos that hit home and leave them with a feeling of nostalgia. 

Further, people will increasingly use videos to level up their skills, quash their stress and supplement their decision-making. Video content will be the trendsetter and companies that will manage to upskill their video game will gain an edge over their competitors. 

Jump onto the video wagon

Filmbaker is a video production house based in Bengaluru that helps brands narrate their stories to the audience. We believe that storytelling requires creativity, vision, skill, and practice. And storytelling isn't something one can master after watching a tutorial video on YouTube. It's a trial-and-error process of mastery and we are here to help your brand reach out to your target audience.

Why video production?

As of 2021, there are about 4.15 billion active social media users. That's right, 4.15 billion potential customers of your brand, just a click of a button away. What's more interesting is that an average internet user will spend about 100 minutes watching online videos on any given day. 

And wait, there’s more, in Q3 2017, 54% of consumers surveyed chose "video" as their preferred type of content from the brands they support. Further landing pages with video can increase the conversion rate by 80%. Thus as a business, you need to constantly churn out video content to keep your audience engaged and keep them coming back to your brand. 

In order to ensure your brand is visible to your target audience, you require a quality video production process at your organization that consists of a creative process that churns out fresh ideas to match your marketing requirements. 

That’s where video production houses come into the picture. They allow your internal creative team to either execute their ideas or take help from video production creative teams to bring in out of the box ideas.

We’re Filmbaker, a Video Production Company that provides an astounding visual experience by creating powerful, captivating videos. Be it  Animated Video, Explainer Videos, Customer Testimonials, Brand Promotion Videos, Corporate Videos, After Event Movies and much more. You dream it, we make it!!

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