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An Explainer video is a short form of animated video used for marketing and business purposes. It explains the company’s products, services, and business ideas compellingly and creatively. Explainer videos are one of the best marketing resources that can boost a company’s SEO, enhance brand credibility, and help in better marketing, training, and communication, contributing to overall business success. Explainer videos in a very interesting and entraining way deliver the message to the targeted audience, so this can be used to attract potential customers to know you in a personal way.

Being one of the best-emerging explainer video companies in Mumbai, we produce the best quality videos, to help define your product, services, or brand creatively and effectively. We aim to cater to your demands most suitable manner. is worth a try. Our exceptional commitment to storytelling and dedication to not settling for less than excellence makes us a top choice. We are packed with highly experienced professionals who use state-of-the-art equipment to capture moments with artistry. Our commitment to creativity, excellence and customer satisfaction makes us distinct. Additionally, we click on your moments with utmost dedication as we understand the emotional connection with these photographs.

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What are the Services We Provide as photography studios in Bangalore?

A good explainer video should possess some qualities-

  • Short in length: The shorter the better, one of the important features a good explainer video has is its length. It should be between one and two minutes.
  • Stronger Call to action: Explainer videos should convey the message to the targeted audience
  • High quality: Explainer videos need to be high in quality, both in quality of production and quality of content, to effectively communicate the brand's message.
  • Focused on solving a problem: Explainer videos should focus on addressing a specific problem, and should explain well about the brand and product so that it can answer the audience.

Services Offered By Filmbaker as an explainer video company in Mumbai

Filmbaker offers a wide range of quality services to customers. These are a few of the services mentioned below-

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are effective and impressive videos, that convey the brand message successfully. We at Filmbaker have a team of expert explainer video maker that helps in enhancing the brand's image and credibility. With a guarantee of quality and engagement and offering through our videos.

Whiteboard Videos

Impactful whiteboard videos by Filmbakers creatively explain the brand ideas and its concepts. Exuberant animations simplify the complex information, making it super easy and memorable for the audiences.

2D Animation Videos

Dynamic storytelling through intense 2D animations. Filmbakers an animated explainer video company creates visually appealing animations that profoundly represent the brand's ideas and philosophy to captivate and communicate effectively.

Product Videos

Demonstrating the product’s functionality with impactful storytelling. Filmmakers explainer video production services entail making videos that value sale purposes that engage viewers effectively.

Social Media Videos

Engaging video content crafted for social media platforms. At filmmakers, videos are made strategically to captivate the audience, boost engagement, and effectively promote your brand across diverse social media platforms.

Education/Tutorial Videos

Complex concepts are simplified through comprehensive tutorial videos. Filmbakers Explainer Video Company offers valuable educational video content made in-depth and resourceful manner to serve the audience in the best informative way.

Process of making Explainer Video

The process of making an explainer video works smoothly with each step.

Before diving into the first step, we check on the primary objective and your demand from the video. The analysis helps in work together easily with our scriptwriter in repairing the draft for the video clip we are going to make.


Immediately after the script is approved, we design the image or illustration that will be used for the video. Following the illustration process filming each scene is carried out according to the script.


At last, when the editing is completed, we proceed to review the video for a final touch-up before uploading the social media channels. Once the video is uploaded, the next step is to give it visibility through your social network or your website.

Are you looking for a professional explainer video company in Mumbai? You have landed in the right place. Filmbaker is one of the leading explainer video production companies in Mumbai, aiming at creating captivating and engaging explainer animated videos that leave a lasting impression on your audiences. Why choose us? We help you to transform your vision into a meaningful and impactful reality. Discover our expert team that offers you the best quality and top-tier services in Mumbai. Our talented team honed the art of creating engaging and impactful explainer videos that make it unique among explainer video makers in Mumbai. Elevate your brand with Filmbaker’s captivating visuals through our premier explainer video production services. We help you to become your voice through our creative storytelling explainer videos. Reach out to us for a wide range of services and more explainer video details.Overall, finding the right photography studios in Bangalore can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can become a seamless journey. In the darkness of confusion, Filmbaker emerges as a beacon of light with numerous services tailored to your diverse needs.

Popularly Asked Questions

Do you have any samples of a video like the one I want?

Filmbaker an explainer video production company serves its clients in the best possible manner. It is a one-stop production company in Mumbai. You will be offered all kinds of sample videos from a wide genre of films such as digital films, corporate films, animation films, motion graphics, and more.

What should be the ideal length of an explainer video?

The ideal length of an explainer video usually is 60 seconds to 90 seconds. However, if your project requires more explanation it can go up to 180 seconds.

How long does it take to make an explainer video?

The making process completely depends on the size of the project by the client. But, usually, it takes us around 5-6 weeks to make a well-researched and quality explainer video. Filmbaker assures our customer's high-quality video with timely delivery.

Where can I post an explainer Video?

You can use an explainer video not only for your website but also for other social media platforms such as Twitter, and Facebook. It works well in Google AdWords for YouTube ads too, additionally, you can use it for internal company presentations.

How much does an explainer Video cost?

We at Filmbaker assure you of high-quality explainer video production services. Our expert team offers quality and customisable explainer videos and express delivery to achieve your deadline. Reach out to us for pricing details and more.