10 Most Important Testimonial Questions to ask your Clients

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Aug 22, 2023

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or marketing professional, understanding your customers' needs and preferences is essential to improving your product or service and growing your business. One of the most effective ways to gain insight into your customers' experiences is through testimonials. 

A study by ReelSEO found that landing pages with video testimonials had an 80% increase in conversion rates.

Testimonials offer valuable feedback that can be used to improve your offerings and increase customer satisfaction. However, not all testimonials are created equal. To gather truly valuable feedback, it is important to ask the right questions.

In this blog post, we will discuss 10 essential testimonial questions to ask your customers in order to gather meaningful feedback that can be used to improve your product or service and ultimately, grow your business.

Before you go and bombard your customers with questions, let us understand what are the types of testimonial videos. Corporate video companies offer all kinds of testimonial video services and help you better understand what type of video testimonial will suit your business the best.

Types of testimonial videos

There are several types of testimonial videos that can be used to showcase customer satisfaction and generate interest in your product or service. Here are a few examples:

  1. Interview-style testimonials: These videos feature an interviewer asking questions to the customer about their experience with the product or service. They are a great way to get in-depth feedback and insights from your customers.
  1. Product demonstration videos: These videos showcase how a customer uses your product or service, highlighting its features and benefits. They are particularly effective for products that are difficult to explain or have unique features.
  1. Social media-style testimonials: These videos are more casual and feature customers sharing their experience with the product or service in their own words. They are typically shorter and can be shared on social media platforms.
  1. Case study videos: These videos focus on a specific problem that the customer faced and how the product/service helped to solve it. They may include data and statistics to support the success of the product/service.
  1. Expert endorsement videos: These videos feature experts in the industry or field endorsing the product/service, lending credibility and authority to the brand.
  1. Social media influencer videos: These videos feature social media influencers or bloggers reviewing and endorsing the product/service to their followers, providing exposure and credibility to the brand on social media platforms.

But what type of testimonial video should you select?

When selecting a type of testimonial video to create, there are several factors to consider, including your brand's tone, the target audience, and the product or service being offered. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Audience: Consider who your target audience is and what type of video would resonate with them. For example, a younger demographic might prefer more casual, social media-style videos, while an older demographic might prefer more traditional, interview-style videos.
  • Product or Service: Think about what you are trying to showcase with the testimonial video. For example, if you are offering a physical product, a product demonstration video might be the best way to highlight its unique features. If you are offering a service, an interview-style video might be better for showcasing the personal experience of your customers.
  • Brand Tone: Consider your brand's tone and personality. A more serious or professional brand might prefer interview-style videos, while a more fun and playful brand might prefer social media-style videos.

Ultimately, the type of testimonial video you choose should align with your brand's goals and values, as well as the preferences of your target audience. By selecting the right type of video be it through corporate video companies or yourself, you can effectively showcase customer satisfaction and build trust with potential customers.

10 testimonial questions to ask your clients for your video

Here are 10 testimonial questions to ask your clients for your testimonial video:

Question #1: Why did you choose us?

This question is important because it helps to understand the factors that led the customer to choose your product or service over competitors. This information can be used to highlight your unique selling points and create a more targeted marketing strategy. 

By understanding why customers choose your product/service, you can better position your brand and improve your offerings to meet the needs of your target audience.

Question #2: What did you like best about our brand?

This question helps you identify the specific aspects of your product or service that resonate with customers. Understanding what customers liked best about your offering can help you focus on these features or benefits in your marketing efforts and improve them further to provide a better customer experience. 

These positive aspects can be highlighted in your testimonials to reinforce your brand's strengths and build trust with potential customers.

Question #3: How has our product/service helped you?

Asking this question allows customers to share specific examples of how your product or service has helped them. Understanding the benefits that customers have experienced can be used to create more targeted marketing messages and to help you improve your product or service to meet customer needs. 

Additionally, these examples can be used in your testimonials to demonstrate the tangible impact your offering can have on customers.

Question #4: Any advice for someone considering our brand?

This question is important because it allows customers to share their thoughts on your product or service with others who may be considering it. The responses can be used to address potential objections or concerns that potential customers may have and to build trust and credibility with them.

These responses can be used in your testimonials to show how your offering can help others like your current customers.

Question #5: What sets us apart from others?

This question helps to highlight the unique selling proposition (USP) of the product/service and how it stands out from competitors. Understanding what sets a business apart can help to refine the marketing message and position the product/service more effectively in the market.

It can also help to identify areas of improvement or differentiation to stay ahead of competitors.

Question #6: Were you doubtful before purchasing our product/service?

Understanding these concerns can help you improve your marketing messages, address common objections, and improve your offering to better meet customer needs. This question allows you to understand any concerns or reservations that your customers may have had before purchasing your product or service.

By paying heed to these concerns or reservations that customers may have had before purchasing your product or service, you can address common objections in your marketing messages and improve your offering to better meet customer needs.

Question #7: How was your experience with our services?

By understanding how customers rate their overall experience with your product or service, you can identify areas for improvement and address any issues that may be negatively impacting customer satisfaction.

This question is essential because it provides a simple, straightforward rating of a customer's experience with your product or service. This rating can be used to understand overall customer satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and can be displayed prominently in your testimonials to demonstrate customer satisfaction.

Question #8: Would you recommend us to others?

This question is important because it allows customers to share their thoughts on whether they would recommend your product or service to others. It will help you understand whether word-of-mouth will work for you and if not what you can improve to make the best of Word-of-mouth advertising. 

If word-of-mouth advertising isn't already, it should be the top priority for your marketing! It is economical, fosters brand loyalty, and uncovers additional channels for interacting with potential clients.

Positive responses can be used to build trust and credibility with potential customers, while negative responses can be used to identify areas for improvement.

Question #9: Do you have any suggestions for us?

Asking for suggestions for improvement can help businesses identify areas for growth and make necessary changes. Customers appreciate when their feedback is valued, and it shows that the business is committed to providing the best possible service/product.

Question #10: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

This open-ended question allows customers to share any additional feedback they may have that wasn't covered in the previous questions. It can lead to valuable insights and suggestions that businesses may not have considered otherwise.

You can frame questions around these pointers and use them in your next questionnaire for your next corporate testimonial video.

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The Bottom Line

Customer testimonials can be powerful tools for businesses to build trust with potential customers and improve their products/services. Gathering feedback through these questions can help businesses identify strengths and areas for improvement, leading to a better overall customer experience.

By using these questions to guide the testimonial video process, businesses can gather valuable feedback from customers and create compelling content that showcases the benefits of their product/service.

These questions can help elicit valuable feedback from your clients that can be used to create an engaging and effective corporate testimonial video. Be sure to tailor your questions to your specific product or service and the needs of your target audience.

Still unsure about how to start asking questions to your audience? Contact us today and let’s get you started with our testimonial video services.

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