5 Amazing Benefits You Must Explore Now with Short Video Ads!

Aug 25, 2023

Do you think your business is getting faded in the advertising ocean? Well, you are not alone here. While some huge players with big revenue are able to attract audiences by sticking to multiple marketing strategies, businesses with low revenues fail to explore. 

Does this mean, you don't have your way around? 

No, short video ads are your savior. Advertising being an uphill climb, makes it difficult for businesses to attract the right audience. But short, snappy video ads are solving this issue like a pro - all thanks to TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

At Filmbaker, we've worked on hundreds of short-form video content and ads. When we say it's your lottery ticket to boost revenue, trust us, and here's why!

Top 5 Advantages Of Short Video Ads

1. Attention-grabbing

What is the magic of short video ads - they start strong and grab viewers' attention within seconds. This exciting opening can trigger multiple reactions, likes, and comments, making long video ads look old-fashioned. The bite-sized videos connect with viewers on a deeper level – way more than images or text ever could. 

If your video ad content is top-notch, viewers slow down to watch. They give your business a meaningful interaction, even a second of interaction, and the viewer will remember your brand for days (even months).

That's not all: short video ads drive action. Once the viewer watches the content, they're more likely to click your CTA or visit your website!

2. Improved Social Media Presence

Short video ads don't just help businesses to get the attention of viewers, it even helps them to step onto multiple platforms and reach a wider audience. YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, collectively have millions of users, where billions scroll hundreds of videos a minute round the clock. If your brand has stepped into each platform, you more likely will be interacting with a huge crowd of different tastes.

Also, these platforms are like a blank canvas. We, at Filmbaker, being the best ad agency in Delhi for years have made the most out of this canvas for brands. And the results they achieved? Authentic connection with the target audience. The impact is huge, and often the audience engagement is more than we have thought of. 

3. Budget-friendly 

What if we say you can make a big impact on your target audience without a huge price tag? It's possible, again with short video ads. Such ads are attention-grabbing, don't take days to shoot, and are easy on the wallet. The next best part, with good affordability, comes the opportunity to try different things. 

You can shoot multiple videos, post different versions, and then analyze what's working, the best for your audience - depending on the vitality of each. If you have a good strategy in place, you can shoot fewer videos and get impressive results without draining your budget. 

4. Quick Message Delivery

Gen Z viewers have the shortest attention span of 1.3 seconds, it's not us saying this, but a research. What's the benefit of this? They crave short videos and if you are doing such advertisements, you can rock the arena here. But still, there's a trick here, your ad should not look like a boring video. It should be engaging and relevant to your audience. 

Whether it's a sale, discount, offer, or a new product launch, make sure that the video is entertaining yet impactful. 

5. Boosted Engagement and Interaction

Short video ads open doors to engagement and interaction in ways you have never thought of. The lively nature of videos encourages your audience to react, comment, and share. The best part is that they can interact with the brand directly, hence even they get to sense a real connection. 

And there's more: since these video ads are short, viewers don't have to make time to watch, they can engage anywhere, even when they're on the go. That means your videos are more likely to be shared among friends, taking your reach to the next level, the organic way.

With too many brands joining the bandwagon, short video ads are no longer a passing trend, it's a necessity now. Our video marketing agency has witnessed the revolution happen. It's not your time to hesitate; instead ride this transformation because if you are up with an amazing idea and a product or service, we are here to help you out with our experiences, let's rock the game now!

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