7 Benefits of Video-Explainer Video Company in Mumbai

Mar 7, 2024

Imagine opening a company website and not being able to figure out its products and services. Sounds frustrating, right? Well, as a business or a company owner, you would not want your customers to face the same problem. So why not use explainer videos, the easiest and most effective way to catch attention? Explainer videos combine the benefits of audio and video services to comprehensively describe any message and to connect to a larger audience. 

Still not sure about it? Well, here are a few more benefits of hiring an explainer video company in Mumbai.

Enhanced Brand Engagement 

According to Blog Hubspot, the percentage of video content is 52% more likely to be shared in comparison to any other content. Further, their marketing survey with Wyzowl says that 91% of businesses use video content as their marketing tool. And why not when explainers are more accessible and help boost your brand engagement in several ways? 

They make your brand more visible across different social media platforms and also help you catch up with the latest trends, giving you a wider audience. 

Improved Brand Storytelling

The best part about explainer video production services is that they help you tell your story the way you want. Thus, allowing you to deliver your message most precisely with no distortion. Want to explain the benefits of a product or share the basics of your company's services? Nothing better than the explainer videos.

They are dynamic and easy, and thus help consumers retain your brand's story in their minds for a longer time. 

Improved Conversions

For your business to do better, up-selling your products and services is important. And research has shown the effectiveness of videos in upselling any service. The reason is simple: they allow consumers to view a product/service in a real-life situation. They don't have to read and understand each point, videos make it easy for them to grasp every detail. 

This quick understanding leads to purchases and thus improved conversion rates.

Better SEO Rankings

As mentioned earlier, using explainer videos is quite useful in holding customer's attention and retention. Thus, reducing the chances of bounce rates. 

This, in turn, helps make your business or website look more trustworthy and credible. And thus, better SEO Rankings.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

What makes explainer videos stand out is their functionality combined with affordability. These are some of the most cost-effective marketing tools. They can be used for several social media sites, websites, and other platforms. And since they can be repurposed, you need not create a separate video or marketing strategy for every other platform, meaning less effort and money input is needed. 


Versatility is another feature that makes explainer videos outshine other strategies. These videos can easily be posted and shared anywhere. Be it on your website, your LinkedIn page, your YouTube channel, or your social media platforms, you can use them anywhere. 

You can edit them out to use as a trailer, or on TikTok. Use them to introduce your company, your products, and services, or describe anything you want.


Further, you can measure the effectiveness of these explainer videos using video analytics. These analytics can give you detailed information on the engagement, number of views, and much more to understand your strengths and weaknesses. Thus, allowing you to plan your future strategy accordingly. 

Now that you know the several benefits of explainer videos, it's time to make the most out of them. Filmbaker, a reputed explainer video production company helps you deliver your messages most creatively. We use market research and trends to understand the demand to design videos that make your brand shine.

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