8 Types of Corporate Videos Every Business Needs to Use

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Oct 11, 2023

Would you rather scroll through a step-by-step product explainer image, or simply watch a 2-minute animated video, explaining the same?

The answer is obvious, right?

Video is the next big thing. There are multiple types of videos for marketing and promotion that businesses should leverage.

If your business is not doing videos, you are missing out on something that will help your business reach new heights.


Did you know?

An average person consumes 149 minutes of video per day.

According to loom.com, 54% of consumers want to see more video content from brands they support.

Almost all content creation companies and ad production houses produce corporate videos of different kinds for all business types and help solve questions like

  •    What kind of video should we use?

The choice of video depends on the purpose of the video. If it's a promo video then short-form videos work best, but for a product video, explainer videos would be the better choice. 

Look at our portfolio for a better understanding of the different types of video content

  •    What should be the duration of our video content?

The ideal duration for a marketing video would be 1-2 minutes, but it can vary depending on your requirements. Get in touch with us and let’s discuss the ideal duration for your video.

  •    Do we need to hire professionals?

Hiring a professional or not, depends on the platform you are using the video on. For TV advertisements professional cameras would be a better option.

Overwhelmed? Worry not. We have got you covered with the different types of corporate videos that would help your business. 

Here are 8 types of videos that every business should use in 2023.

1. Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, Explainer videos are informative video content that, well, explains something. It can be a product, service, or initiative. They demonstrate the product or service and are effective for the business.

There are different types of explainer videos.

  • 2D Animated explainer
  • Voiceover text
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Stop Motion
  • Live Action

Or, it can be a mix of any of the above.

Explainer Videos do a lot more than just explain what’s going on. It catches attention, keeps the user's eyes glued to the screen and if done well, would leave a long-lasting impact on the user. This is one of the most used corporate video types.

See for yourself, How Apple does it.


With the use of text, live action, voiceover, and upbeat music, the video keeps the user hooked until the very end. 

If you have a product launch or a new service that you want your user to educate about, explainer videos are the best way to take it forward.


2. Employee Testimonials

Employee testimonial videos are another great way to showcase the culture of your company. It promotes the company and highlights work ethics and employee satisfaction.

A customer is more likely to purchase from a company that keeps its employees happy than those that don’t. 

Such videos can be

  • long form
  • short form
  • one employee testimonial
  • one department testimonial compiled
  • interview style video

or just a candid one like this,

This creative testimonial ad by Slack shows how employees reacted to the new product, you might forget that it is scripted.


3. Short Videos

Shocker? Not so much. YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels are #trending. How many hours did you spend today scrolling through reels/YouTube Shorts? Be honest.  

Short videos can include 

  • Process videos
  • Behind the scenes
  • Workspace (a day at the office)

You can use one short video on multiple platforms and get the maximum benefits. Short Videos also work well as YouTube ads. If made well with a hooking first three seconds, the user will watch the complete video and might follow the CTA.


4. Customer Testimonials

While product videos are a great way to showcase your services and offerings, customer testimonial videos are also a powerful marketing tool.

People are more likely to trust a brand that has customer testimonials to back them up. A FanandFuel study found that 92% of customers will hesitate to hit the buy button if the product lacks reviews entirely.

Customer testimonial provides the brand credibility and a reason for the buyer to make a much more informed decision. Most corporate video production companies would help you out with customer testimonial videos.


Filmbaker - Portfolio

5. Motion Graphics 

Motion Graphics are animations that give an illusion of movement or rotation. When combined with audio and live video, it makes a very catchy and interesting corporate video.

Here are a few usages of Motion Graphics videos

  •  Promos
  •  Explainer videos
  •  Logo introductions
  •  Icons
  •  Infographics
  •  Titles and so much more.

The versatility that motion videos provide is limitless.  


For short promotional videos and logo introductions, Motion Graphics can be your go-to. (Look for more examples here).


6. Storytelling

Bourn Vita ads are known for their storytelling. They relate with the user personally with a mother-child bond. It touches hearts. It keeps the user’s attention, anticipating how this story will end.

Storytelling videos often are long form and send a message. Stories emphasize the brand vision and tagline.

Among the different types of video content being used daily, storytelling keeps the user's attention grabbed for a long.

This Father’s Day ad by Cult Fit is the perfect example of storytelling to reinforce the brand's vision.


7. Influencer Videos

Another thing that’s #trending along with Shorts is Influencers! Influencer marketing is at its all-time high now, given its reach and appeal.

Brands are working more closely with influencers than celebrities to mark their presence on social media.


Influencer marketing videos can be of a few types:

  • Product Reviews
  • Testimonials
  • How-To videos
  • Tutorials
  • Vlogs

These videos can also be long-form (YouTube), or short-form (Reels and Shorts), depending on the nature of the video. Influencer videos for marketing are widely being used.


8. Animation Videos

One of the best methods to reach a larger audience and draw them in is through animated videos. Animated videos can convey a sense of warmth for your company and generate emotions that connect with different audiences. 



Animated videos are for all types of people, even adults enjoy the animated politicians on news channels.

Another perk of using animated videos for marketing your business is you don’t have to deal with the cast and crew that goes behind a regular ad video.

You give your requirements to the ad production house, and they deliver.

And the best perk, it allows you to save on cost while not sacrificing quality.

Start leveraging video content today

Every business can leverage videos for marketing to bring the product/service into the eyes of the user. Choosing the best kind of video as per your requirement is easier once you understand what kind of video would support your business. 

Whether you hire a corporate video production company or do-it-yourself, you need to grab the opportunity that corporate videos provide today.

We hope you’ve got clarity on the trending types of corporate videos for 2023.

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