How Filmbaker Brings your Vision to Life : A Gullak Case Study

Case Study
Dec 14, 2023

Welcome to Filmbaker's behind-the-scenes look at video production, where we bring your vision to life. 

As a video production company, we understand the importance of telling your story and capturing your message through the power of visual storytelling. From pre-production to post-production, our team of experts works tirelessly to create content that resonates with your audience and achieves your business goals.

At Filmbaker, we believe that every video project is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure its success. Whether you're looking to create a brand video, promotional content, or a social media campaign, our team has the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Our primary focus is on storytelling, and we use a range of techniques to create compelling narratives that engage your audience.

A practical example of this is the recent ad campaign that we did for our client Gullak.

About the Client - Gullak

Gullak is a digital investment platform that offers users an innovative way to earn extra returns on their gold investments. This is the first-ever gold leasing platform that offers complete security with a 100% bank guarantee from the jeweler.

So when the company had to convey the message that its users can get up to 16% returns rather than 11%, they reached out to us.

The Journey

The Filmbaker team and Gullak embarked on an ambitious project to create five quirky ad films, each conveying the message - ‘11 nahi 16’. The idea behind this campaign was to highlight how investing in Gold can yield 16% returns, a concept that immediately piqued the interest of audiences. But what went into the making of these ad films? Let's find out!

The client had a general idea of their campaign and the tagline in mind “11 nahi 16”. Our team got to work on the idea. They began by elaborating on the concept and ideating the script. After which the ideas were shared and approved by the client.

They along with our creative director worked on the Shot Breakdown and the storyboarding of the video.

BTS - Filmbaker

As per the client’s brief, our team had their work cut out for them - five ad films to shoot in a span of just 20 hours, across three locations and five separate sets! 

The production team had to be two steps ahead of the creative team at all times to ensure everything ran smoothly. And boy, did we deliver!

Given the time and budget constraints, we had to wrap up the shoot within a day and we were ready!

The Challenges

We are talking about 5 ad films - 3 locations - 5 separate sets - 20 hours of shoot - 60 people!! Let’s look at some of the challenges we had to face during the project.

1) Delivering Perfect Performances Within a Short Timeframe: One of the biggest challenges faced by the Filmbaker team was to get the actors to deliver their lines perfectly within the given time frame. The briefs were short and on-point, leaving minimal room for re-takes. The team had to work their magic to ensure the performances were on par with the concept.

2) Creating an Authentic Set: 

BTS - Video Production company

Creating an authentic set was crucial for the success of these ad films. An operation theatre, A living room, and a lift (built from scratch), all of these set locations were crucial to the project.

3) Shooting with a Child Actor: 

BTS- Filmbaker

Shooting with child actors can be challenging, but the Filmbaker team handled it like pros. The team's biggest priority was to make the child actor feel comfortable and ensure the shooting hours were convenient.

The Solution

1) Precise Briefing and Collaboration: The team collaborated closely with the actors and made sure that the briefs were on point and the actors knew exactly what was expected of them. The team also worked closely with them to deliver the performances within the given time frame.

2) Building an Authentic Set Within a Live Shooting Floor: The team along with the art director built a lift from scratch to create an authentic and relatively inexpensive property on a live shooting floor. They also collaborated with the production team to ensure that everything was set up and ready to go before the shoot.

3) Prioritizing Comfort and Convenience: The Filmbaker team made sure that the child actor was comfortable on set and that the shooting hours were convenient for her. 

The Results

The collaboration between Gullak and Filmbaker resulted in five quirky and engaging ad films that successfully conveyed the message of investing in gold for better returns. The brand collaborated with Mad Over Marketing (a popular online platform that covers global advertising, brands, marketing, digital media, and more), which published the campaign on its platform.

The campaign helped Gullak in gaining more visibility and awareness among potential customers, resulting in increased brand awareness.

The collaboration between Gullak and Filmbaker was a huge success, delivering on the set objectives and achieving the desired results.

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