101 Guide to Video Content for Social Media Success

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Oct 11, 2023

Today’s digital users are consuming more video formats on social media than ever before on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and beyond, and brands are taking full advantage of it. 

As a content creator, What are your goals for social video?

In this article let’s find out how you can use videos on every major social platform. Before you make social media videos for your business, make sure you read this complete guide.

Identifying social media video content

In social media, video content is usually used to generate attention, expressed in likes, comments, and shares, or to drive traffic to your website.

You can also target specific audiences with ad-supported posted videos, in addition to running paid promotions.

Despite this, it is imperative to remember that not all social media videos are the same, just as not all social media platforms are the same. There may be things that work well on YouTube but not on Twitter or Instagram, and the same may be true on LinkedIn.

Our guide covers the types of video content that can be helpful to your audience to grow your page or website online.

The Advantages of Using Video on Social Media Platforms

Social media users prefer image content, but there are other benefits to posting videos.

  • Video is easily shared.
  • Results are fuelled by the social media video format.
  • More people see and engage with videos.
  • The video encourages trust in your audience.

If you're just getting started with social videos, you might not know where to focus your efforts. 

Note this - You do not have to be everywhere.

But, how do you choose your major?

Choose your social media channels and video content type based on where you think your audience is and where you think you can get the best ROI.

Take a look at social media video content types

1. Display a New Product or Service

Share a brand new line of products or services with your fans and followers using a New Collection video template or tell a story in your content.

2. Create a Promo for Your Content

Use a quick and easy video to promote a new blog post or download. Ensure you provide enough information to pique viewers' interest, as well as a link that will lead them to read more.


3. Behind-the-Scenes Video

Behind the scenes?? People crave to know the secrets behind a video. A powerful type to keep your audience engaged and glued to the page/platform.


4. Seasonal Promotions 

Promote a special offer with our Seasonal Promotion video template. Using this video can be part of your organic marketing campaign or used as an ad to target potential new customers interested in your business or product line. Highlight your new products or services.


4. A way to advertise an event

Got an event coming up? Let people know, and encourage them to RSVP, with a video promo on your social media page and share it with your audience. 

5. Hashtag series each week

Create a weekly series around a hashtag that's relevant to your business. Having a go-to video you can share once a week without having to think about it makes it easier to share but also gives you a chance to get in front of others who follow that hashtag.

6. Share An Inspiring Quote

Create a video where inspirational quotes related to your industry are featured in one of the quote videos from social media posts. Use relevant hashtags in the description or comments.

7. Short Video/Reels

Instagram's most popular form of content reel is influenced by Tik-Tok (banned in some countries).In addition, it's useful for the younger audience who wants more trendy content to look for and engage with.

8. Thought Leadership

You’re an expert in your field, and video is a great way to showcase this expertise. Try creating a video where you describe a current trend, comment on a trending news story, teach a skill, or share industry insights.

9. Corporate Video for hiring or Promotion

Display your company's culture and values to attract new employees. In addition to explaining what your business does, this template showcases your team's values.

10. Trending Video

Create a video about a trending topic. You can reach the widest audience by using hashtags related to your video.

11. Intro Video

Your company or brand needs a video introduction that shows who you are and what you or your business is all about. This can serve as your YouTube channel trailer so that new visitors can see more information about you.

12. Explainer Video

Explainer video is “a video that explains a concept, your business, or an aspect of your business, in a way that’s easy to understand.” Think about the concepts your potential customers may be searching for and then explain them in a video. 

13. Tutorial Video

You should be available to answer questions about how to do things related to your business when potential customers are searching for videos. Make a how-to video to get your brand in front of these viewers.

14. Customer Testimonial

According to Think with Google, over 50,000 hours worth of product review videos has been watched in the past two years. If you upload a video of your customers praising your product, you'll show up when customers search for reviews.

A lot of companies like Amazon, IKEA and Freshworks use the customer testimonials to attract new customers to their services and bring word of mouth marketing in the online market. 

(Source: Pixabay)

A few points to be noted for the Video Content 

  • Always think visually - Although the social media platforms have grown to encompass much more, visually striking content is still king. So try to put your most compelling imagery upfront in your videos.
  • Keep it short - Videos in the social media feed can be up to 1 minute long. However, we recommend keeping your videos under 30 seconds, since viewers are scrolling through their feeds quickly and have short attention spans.
  • Use hashtags - Hashtags are the key to getting your videos in front of a wider audience. 
  • Set an attractive thumbnail - If you choose the wrong cover image when posting your video, you won't be able to edit it later. So choose the one you're happy with when you set up your post. 


Goals for social media video format?

To give you all the information you need to set your goals and build your social media video strategy, we'll examine the most popular objectives for social video marketing in this section. 


After you've set your general social video goals, it's time to start thinking about the results you want to achieve.

Posting to social media for the sake of posting can be an easy trap to fall into. Nevertheless, it's important to ask yourself: What action/s do you hope your video initiatives will inspire among your viewers? 


The marketing funnel begins with awareness. At this stage, you're getting your product or service on the radar of potential customers who may not yet know who you are or what you do. Here's your chance to start building a relationship without directly selling. 


Customer consideration is a little further along in the customer journey. The customer is likely familiar with your brand. This is where you want them to start thinking about you and looking for information about your products or services. 


Customers have already researched your company, and know who you are, and what you do, as they are at the conversion stage of the customer journey. It's now time to monetize your content or the product bringing into the market.  

A DIY Approach to Social Media Video Content: Conclusion 

Each social media platform has its insights and different strategies that you can dive into to determine how your videos are performing. 

This quick overview covers everything about social video. Your social media platforms and video ideas should now be clear. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

Using video content on social media can help you reach your target audience on an emotional level.

Someone might be persuaded to buy something by this.

Every situation is different. 

How did they work?

Is there any other type of video content that you believe should be included in a video marketing strategy? Let us know.

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