Affordable Excellence: Cost-Effective Explainer Video Services in Mumbai

Jul 4, 2024

The digital wave has captured the business sector and transformed traditional methods of connecting with customers through effective technologies.

Explainer videos are one such emerging technology businesses use to engage with customers. It is a fantastic and easy way to convey complex ideas and messages with a definite call to action for the viewers.

Many good Video services in Mumbai specialise in making creative and professional explainer videos for addressing various business needs. 

What is an Explainer Video?

In a single line explainer video is anything that cuts down the complexity and puts forward the product, service, or proposal in a much simpler way. Explainer Videos are generally short ranging from 30 seconds – 3 minutes in duration, animated, with quirky and popular background music or audio for efficient storytelling to catch audience attention.

What are the Different Types of Explainer Videos?

The different types of explainer are –

  • Animated Explainer Videos – These videos include different types of animations making them interesting and visually appealing for the audience. 

  • Whiteboard Explainer Videos – You must have often seen such videos where hand-drawn illustrations are flashed on the screen on a white background that is exactly what whiteboard Explainer videos are.

  • Live-Action Explainer Videos – To create a human connection with the audience real-time human videos are created with a touch of creativity just like normal advertisements with creativity.

  • Motion Graphics – Motion graphics are the new generation trend combining text, graphics, and animation to create interactive and appealing videos.

  • Screencast Videos – These are simple videos that capture the computer or mobile screen and combine them with graphics and text animations. 

Importance of Explainer Videos

In today’s fast-paced world explainer videos are a life-saver for businesses as consumers now prefer more time-saving stuff rather than a huge text description. Explainer videos catch user attention till the end and convey messages in a simpler way which is also interesting and visually pleasing due to the creativity used. If you want to know the secret to overflowing leads for your business, explainer videos will be one of the major components. 

Benefits of Using Explainer Videos 

Let’s jump into some of the benefits of explainer videos for a better understanding of their importance –

  • Audience engagement

A well-prepared explainer video has been proven to raise consumer interaction and simultaneously add a good boost to audience engagement. They play a major role in making the content evergreen and memorable just like an advertisement from your childhood that is still stuck with you!

  • Brand Awareness 

Explainer Videos are important assets that become the voice for your brand. They create such a memorable impression in the minds of the viewers that makes them remember your brand with a specific style. This technique of creating explainer videos helps to convey a specific message keeping it short and interesting perfect for potential clients which helps them align their needs to the business services.

  • Better Customer Understanding Of Products and Services

This is one of the main advantages of explainer videos which keep repeating themselves, breaking down a huge description of a product or service and presenting it in a very simple yet interesting manner which creates a lasting impression on the customer's minds and they know exactly why that product is perfect for them cutting down the other jargons and sales talk. 

  • Higher Conversion Rates

Explainer videos have comparatively higher conversion rates due to their creative elements in the video. Be it an animation, a whiteboard illustration, or a real-time explainer video all these videos are made with intricate creativity which can grab a customer's attention for a few seconds that is till the end of the video. 

  • Time and Cost-effective marketing strategy

Creating explainer videos is much more cheaper and cost-effective rather than preparing pages or articles, banners, or detailed manuals. If you get in touch with the right video-producing company you might get the best explainer videos which will boost your marketing at a much lower price. 


Businesses looking to upgrade their marketing always rely on good explainer videos because of their numerous benefits. Businesses from every city are rapidly shifting to explainer video marketing eliminating overspending. There are many good explainer video services in Mumbai for example Filmbaker, Filmbaker specialises in producing high-quality explainer videos according to the business needs at much lower rates. 

By making use of many similar video service providers businesses can generate high-quantity leads without spending a lot on marketing.

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