Video Marketing Stats and Trends to look out for in 2023

Oct 11, 2023

As we head into 2023, the importance of video marketing is only going to continue to grow. 

From social media to websites and email campaigns, video has become a staple in digital marketing. In this blog post, we'll be taking a look at some of the latest video marketing statistics and trends to keep an eye on in the coming year. 

Getting in touch with a Corporate Video Production Company might help you stay ahead of the game in 2023 and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Let us explore the key trends that you need to know about to stay at the forefront.

Videos over written content?

Because we've become so used to scrolling past images on social media, videos have emerged as the most effective way to capture your audience's attention and keep them engaged for longer.

Videos engage both the auditory and visual senses, allowing you to communicate your message more effectively than other forms of visual content.  Especially videos like 3D motion graphics and product animation videos grab the viewer’s attention while entertaining or educating them.

According to a recent study, 68% of consumers prefer to learn about new products or services by watching videos.

  • Videos are a highly effective form of content for marketing because they can convey a lot of information in a short amount of time and they are easy to consume. 
  • They also have a high level of engagement, as they allow for a more personal connection with the audience. 
  • Videos can be shared easily on social media platforms and can be optimized for search engines, increasing their reach.
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  • Product Explainer Videos, i.e., videos that demonstrate products or services can be especially useful for e-commerce businesses.
  • Videos can be used to show off a company's culture, values, and mission (testimonial videos) which can be beneficial to build trust and brand awareness. 

Overall, videos are a versatile and engaging form of content that can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals.

From the rise of short-form video to the growing popularity of live streaming, from BTS to educational videos, 

Here are 5 video types that will help you maintain a competitive edge

Live Videos

After the pandemic, Live videos became increasingly important in 2020. When in-person interaction was reduced, live videos became a way for people to share updates.

It emerged as an essential way for startups and more prominent brands to stay connected with consumers, and our perspective on what kind of content is "streamable" has completely changed.

Everyone from influencers promoting products to music artists holding virtual concerts to Broadway companies streaming full-length productions is using live video.

Influencers go live with an explainer video of let’s say, unboxing a product, generating high views and ultimately sales for the brand.

Live video should be at the top of the list of video marketing trends to watch in 2023 for content marketers. Even as life returns to normal, consumer demand for live video content continues to grow.

Educational Videos

Videos help people retain information better than text because they provide an entertaining, engaging, and educational visual experience, with viewers retaining 95% of a video.

While filming educational videos, a corporate video production company would help you

  • Make a plan for the scope of the video and what you want to share.
  • Write the script: A video script can help guide the direction of a live-action or an animated how-to video.
  • Maintain the video's focus on a single product or service.
  • Determine the most frequently asked questions about your product/service and address them in your how-to video.

A great example of an educational video is


Behind-the-scenes (BTS) videos are another video marketing trend for 2023. These videos provide viewers with an inside look at how your company operates. A BTS video can be used for a variety of purposes, including

  • Give your followers a sneak peek into daily business activities by interviewing team members at various times.
  • Share the project planning and even production processes.
  • Tell the story of your brand.
  • Showcase some of the difficulties that the company faces.

Some marketers are concerned that BTS will make their company appear unprofessional, but the opposite is true. Employee/Customer testimonial videos help bring out the unfiltered face of your brand in front of your audience building trust and loyalty in the long run.

Consumers value authenticity, and demonstrating to your audience the people and processes behind the brand can make it more approachable, friendly, and appealing.


Brand storytelling is one of the most effective ways to connect with consumers, develop your brand personality, and engage your audiences, and Vlogs (or video blogs) are an excellent medium for sharing those stories.

They're also a great place to share tutorials or product information, which increases viewer engagement and conversion. Explainer videos are an example.

94% of respondents say that watching a brand video influenced their purchasing decision. Vlogging is a cost-effective way to educate your audience about your products and services.

Research shows that the vast majority of vlog content is published by individual creators, implying that it is time for brands to join this video marketing trend. 

Vlogs are an excellent way to establish a human connection between your team members and your audience and keep customers coming back for more of your content.

Social Media Stories

A more casual way to connect with your audience is through Social Media Stories. If vlogs are an edited version of your brand's overall story, social media stories are the day-to-day outtakes that don't make the cut (but that everyone still wants to see).

Social media stories also provide numerous opportunities for interaction with your customers. Animated videos and 3D Motion Graphics can keep your audience engaged and ensure they view your content.

Use Instagram's questions feature to conduct Q&A sessions with your followers. Post polls to solicit feedback on products and ideas. Maybe even ask your customers to tag you in their own stories so you can see how they're wearing or using your products. These are only some examples! 

A corporate video production company can help you create different types of videos for your stories that will help increase engagement with your audience.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

In conclusion, video marketing is an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. With the rise of video content consumption and the advancements in video technology, it's crucial for businesses to stay ahead of the game and take advantage of the latest trends and statistics.

To stay on top of the latest trends in video marketing, be sure to contact us!

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