Explore 5 Exceptional Testimonial Video Examples for Your Inspiration

Dec 22, 2023

Are you tired of trying hundreds of marketing tactics to convince your customers to buy a product? Well, even your customers are. They are packed with information online, they have a lot to consume plus their appetite is absolutely limited. 

So what's the way? 

Today's digital age demands a digital reputation. If your customers can give a positive review to you, the crowd will follow you. Your potential customers will be viewing “real people, not actors”. They'll know the content is coming from a personal experience, and it's not just being simply endorsed. If you are lucky enough to bring in video testimonials, then wonders can happen. 

What exactly is a video testimonial? 

A video testimonial is user-generated content, where customers speak about their experiences with the brand. These testimonials look more authentic to viewers as they work on the principle of social proof. The idea here is to share real-life success stories to build a brand’s trust in their new/old customers. Videos capture the emotion of the customer speaking. It shows how a person’s facial expression changes while they are talking about their experience, their body language, and how exactly the brand made an impact. In short, a human connection is built between the customer (speaker) and the viewer. This connection fosters trust and credibility. It's a new favourite tool of organizations to improve their brand reputation and boost conversion rates.

5 Best Video Testimonial Examples to Learn From 

Slack - So Yeah, We Tried Slack…

The title of the video itself brings curiosity to the mind of the viewer about - what exactly happened after individuals tried Slack - an internal communication tool. 

There are funny plotlines in the video. The founders are personally speaking about their experiences. The graphics are amazing enough to keep the viewer stuck to the screen. That's what we do at Filmbaker too, we shoot video testimonials that viewers watch till the end. 

Google Ads - BillyOh Success Story

A concise testimonial video showcasing how ads have changed the whole business of an individual.  There are some great shots at the start of the video. The founder speaking about his brand looks confident. The interesting part is how the user can share his story of growth: 500% increase in traffic through Google ads.  

Each sentence in the testimonial is backed by data, that's what customers want - exact numbers on how a product has changed lives, and up to what extent. 

Google - What it’s like to work at Google

Yet another amazing video by Google showcases its viewers how amazing the Work culture is at Google. The video starts on a very welcoming note where two employees are looking happy entering the gate. There are 10+ employees of Google in the video sharing their experiences, but Google has also made sure to share snippets of their best work areas. 

The video here is a combination of real people, attractive visuals, and smart editing, all together conveying the message that a written testimonial would fail to. 

Glassdoor - Customer Testimonial

Glassdoor, a brand trusted by millions of individuals across the globe, is the #1 job and recruiting site.  The video above is one of Glassdoor’s video testimonials by the company - AppDynamics. 

A talent acquisition head of the company in this video speaks about his hiring concerns. At the start of the video itself, the user spoke about how Glassdoor was able to bring in qualified employees to the organisation.  He even spoke about budget constraints. 

In the last, he concluded that Glassdoor was able to solve all his pain points. 

American Express - Explainer + Testimonial Video

Yes, your testimonial video can also be explained, American Express already have done this. The video above features a representative from FirstAdvantage, an American Express partner firm. The individual himself is testifying about the benefits he had by using American Express. 

It's an interview-style video displaying the different features of products and services American Express offers. The approach is unique and we at Filmbaker opt unique approaches. 

Why choose Filmbaker? 

We are storytellers. When we say Filmbaker, we bake your videos with creativity. Beyond technical expertise, our videographers here have a knack for capturing genuine emotions. The success stories shot with us, speak volumes. Each testimonial shot with us is a carefully crafted narrative as it not only speaks about product features but also highlights genuine customer delight.

Our approach, at Filmbaker, to video testimonials is not only about recording user experience but also about forming a story that adds as a content marketing tool for brands. We weave visual stories that leave a lasting impression, enough to generate leads for your brand. For video testimonials that capture the precision of customers’ experiences with an emotive storytelling approach, contact us now!

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