Game Explainer Videos and How They Help You Understand Games

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Dec 22, 2023

The popularity of explainer videos is rising by the day, and one of the most in-demand kinds is a game explainer video. There are many advantages of making and posting these videos on various platforms. These include better audience attention and the ability to explain complex topics, all of which lead to a better conversion rate!

In this blog, let us understand the role of game explainer videos, their importance and kinds, and why you need to hire the best game explainer video production services

Rising Popularity of Video Games & Role of Explainer Videos

The popularity of video games has increased among the audience, especially after the COVID lockdown, when people were looking for entertaining ways to kill their time. This can be attributed to the easy availability of these games on the internet and the rising penetration of internet services into the global audience. 

And as the popularity of video games rises, the demand for game explainer videos will also increase. Why? Because these animated videos make complicated games easy to understand for the audience, especially first-timers. When people understand games in depth, they can get a more immersive experience with it, thereby leading to more enjoyment. Hence, it is no wonder why game owners and designer companies rely on professional video services by companies like Filmbaker

What Are Game Explainer Videos & Importance? 

Game explainer videos are short, interesting, engaging, and informative videos about games created by the game owners to make it easier for their audience to understand everything the game has to offer. These videos rely on aspects like overview, processes, tutorials, presentations, etc., to make conveying what they want their audience to understand easier. 

These explainer videos are extremely important as they focus on enhancing the players' user experience and building better relationships with them.

Benefits of Game Explainer Videos

There are many benefits of game explainer videos, and listed below are the most popular ones: 

  1. Increase in popularity: Videos easily grab the attention of your audience, and when you distribute this engaging form of content on various platforms, including YouTube and social media, the popularity of your games will increase and make it highly likely that people download them. All you need to do is to make these videos with the help of a good production house like Filmbaker. 

  1. Better conversion rate: Publishing an explainer video is also a great way to improve the engagement of the audience with your website and game and, hence improve your conversion rate.

  1. Time-saving: People are more likely to take the help of explainer videos when they are trying to learn something new and understand everything in detail quickly. Videos are always considered a faster and more efficient way to explain a concept than written or other content forms. 

  1. Enhance your SEO: Lastly, game explainer videos are also known to rank your websites and games higher on SERPs, which is a great way to bring in more organic traffic. 

Game Explainer Videos for Different Types of Gamers

Game explainer videos act as a comprehensive guide for gamers, making it easier for them to understand the details of a game. These are meant to increase the user experience of all gamers, irrespective of the genre of games they play.


Explainer videos are emerging as one of the most interesting ways of educating gamers and a good marketing strategy for businesses. If you are also a game owner company and wish to promote your games in the right manner, you need to join hands with an efficient explainer video maker company like Filmbaker!

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